Try a New Dish, Today! 

P.F. Chang’s new dishes and drink are made to please.

By: Giuseppa Nadrowski

The dishes at P.F. Chang’s are beloved everywhere for their fresh, signature tastes, and this holiday season, the restaurant does it again with a selection of new offerings sure to please the most discerning of guests. From Wagyu dumplings to slow-braised short ribs and rice, an apple crunch dessert, and a new cocktail, you’ll have a hard time not ordering them all. And starting on Nov. 10, the restaurant will also be launching a prix fixe holiday menu that includes their new — and sure to be your favorite — short ribs. Check out the new menu items below; we can’t wait to try them all.

Dim Sum — Wagyu Dumplings

One of our favorites transformed, this delicious appetizer is panfried with a sweet soy drizzle.

Fire-Braised Short Ribs

Sure to be a hit, this entree features slow-braised beef short ribs with a savory glaze, served with pineapple fried rice.

Short Rib Fried Rice

Another we can’t wait to taste, this entree includes slow-braised beef short rib, kimchi, mushrooms, edamame, egg, wasabi mayo, and green onion.

Chang’s Apple Crunch

A twist on the classic apple pie, this delectable creation is served hot with cinnamon sugar, caramel, and vanilla ice cream.

The Ornament Cocktail

A holiday spectacular, this modern martini gets a makeover with Grey Goose Vodka, Moonstone Asian Pear Sake, yuzu, and pomegranate, beautifully served in a keepsake ornament.

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