And better than ever before!

By: Giuseppa Nadrowksi

Bring out the shimmer, the sequins, and the shine. Find your favorite heels and that LBD and get ready, because when it comes to fashion this season, we are all about getting dressed up again for occasions both big and small. Across collections and cities, designers near and far made it a point to present shows that brought back the fervor we’ve needed of fashion. At Gucci, Alessandro Michele set the tone with dazzling lights and a collection that partied from first exit to last. The collection, which celebrated the brand’s centennial anniversary, seemed to parallel the spirit of the season — to dress up and have fun. “Here we are then, ready to celebrate, wearing our most glittering clothes. Preparations for the event are in full swing. We are eager to walk through the Savoy’s doors again,” Michele said in a press release for the collection’s launch. He wasn’t the only one filled with excitement, as the same electric energy could be felt at Versace, Saint Laurent, Chanel, and more. Virginie Viard staged a quieter but equally special celebration for Chanel at Castel, the legendary Parisian nightclub. “A girls’ night in,” she said of the event. In between the brand’s iconic tweeds and stunning outerwear were myriad shimmery accessories and wonderful little black dresses — the kind we imagine one could wear to both a disco and an intimate dinner party. Here, we showcase some of our favorite items this season, items sure to bring that sense of celebration and jubilee back into your wardrobe. Even if your evening out is really just an evening in, the time to dress up again is now.



Metal Mesh Handbag

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Sequin Slip Dress

Tory Burch 


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Sprinkle of Magic Glitter Kit

MAC Cosmetics

Three Curb Chain Link Earrings in Metal

Saint Laurent

Padlock Chain Bracelet